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Wood NymphWinter Geometry-2Winter GeometryWester Tiger SwallowtailVisitor in the Garden-3Thistle SnackSwedish Flag.jpgSwallowtail at the Flower PotSmoothed Over TmeSkimmer on FirShadow Study-3Shadow Study-1Roses in the MarginsRock Study-4Rock Study-3Rock Study-2Queen's Cup LilyPenstemmon with WaspPebble Collection-2Peace and Quiet-4Pasque Flower SolitudePasque Flower PastelsOf Rocks, and Grass, and FlowersOctober Day-5Muted MixtureMorning on the RiverbankLittle Blue-On YellowLily on the LakeJewels With Wings-c10.jpgJewels in the Morning ColdIncoming! Sarah OrangetipHome For The HolidaysGardens of the Gravelly RangeFall in the Flower BedEnd Is NearEight-Track PatternCopper Blue on FireweedCool and Warm Checkerspot in the AstersCheckerspot Composite-1Celebrating Spring in the AspensBunch of Bunchberry DogwoodBlanketflower Composition OneBeargrass-Paintbrush BouquetBeargrass YearBasket BeautyBasic Elements-3Basic Elements-2Arrival of AvensArrangement on the Ridge-1Arrangement of Paintbrush and Lupine-3Arrangement in the Woods-2Arrangement In GreenAlpine ArrangementAlong the Edge-2A Splendid Morning in the MeadowA Primary Primer-c82.jpgMohave~A Prickly PairDeath Valley Sublety